How many people are in the Household?
What is the definition?

The sample redetermination form  MC 216 states:

We may need some information about people in your household who live with you or are listed on your tax return, who do not have Medi-Cal and who do not want to apply for Medi-Cal.Sample MC 216

Please note that, Medi-Cal wants to cover everyone and may go beyond the law to gather information to do that.  There are also many other programs that Medi-Cal has that you might qualify for and no one would know unless they asked.  Such as:

MORE Social Services – In Addition to Medi-Cal

IHSS In Home Supportive Services

(f) Household
Definition (3) Rules for individuals who

neither file a tax return nor are claimed as a tax dependent.

In the case of individuals who do not expect to file a Federal tax return and do not expect to be claimed as a tax dependent for the taxable year in which an initial determination or renewal of eligibility is being made, or who are described in paragraph (f)(2)(i), (f)(2)(ii), or (f)(2)(iii) of this section, the household consists of the individual and, if living with the individual

(i) The individual’s spouse;

(ii) The individual’s children under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section; and

(iii) In the case of individuals under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section, the individual’s parents and siblings under the age specified in paragraph (f)(3)(iv) of this section.

(iv) The age specified in this paragraph is either of the following, as elected by the agency in the State plan

(A) Age 19; or

(B) Age 19 or, in the case of full-time students, age 21.

***Non Filer Exemption

Flow Chart Excerpt - Non Filer Rules
Flow Chart Excerpt – Non Filer Rules

Non Filer explained by * George Town University * George Town – Exceptions for who counts in the household *   Western Poverty page 2.33  *  Sorry, none of them seem to be in plain simple English.

Check out the Household Size Flow chart  below for a simpler way of looking at the 42 CFR 435.603 rules.


Flow Chart
Flow Chart based on 42 CFR 435.603
(5) For purposes of paragraph (f)(1) of this section, if, consistent with the procedures adopted by the State in accordance with § 435.956(f) of this part, a taxpayer cannot reasonably establish that another individual is a tax dependent of the taxpayer for the tax year in which Medicaid is sought, the inclusion of such individual in the household of the taxpayer is determined in accordance with paragraph (f)(3) of this section.  Copied from  42 CFR 435.603 – Application of modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) 
For other scenarios – check out the related pages in  Household Definition – Who counts?  section

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