Confusing Forms – No Telephone Support – Web Vistor Q & A

Please get a complementary quote here and if your income is over 138% of Federal Poverty Level around $17k, see chart, I can help you get Covered CA with subsidies.


Check out the information from Western Law Center * Advocates Guide to MAGI *  See our website on MAGI.


You could go into Covered CA now or when you lose Medi-Cal and if your income goes down, go back to Medi-Cal.


Can you please tell me if there is anyone to talk to that understands how these forms are?


See our Medi Cal Contact Page


The forms are so confusing and the questions they ask are not always totally answerable like how much do you think you will make this year?

You’ve got to come up with a number on what you think you’ll make if you think you’ll make less than 17,000 then you’re on Medi-Cal and I can’t really help you if you think you’ll make more than show me what you can to justify it and then I can help you get into covered California with subsidies and enhance silver or cost sharing reduction’s


.  Is there any way I could speak to your office

Once you feel that you can justify that you’re going to make at least 17,000 on your 2017 tax return and in the upper right-hand corner you get a quote for coverage

We don’t provide telephone support for Medi-Cal and for covered California we require that you get a quote first

Our commissions have been cut so severely that we practically have to pay covered California for the privilege to deal with their bureaucracy and stupidity I will grant though that covered California is much improved over January 2017

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  1. My grand-daughter has applied for Medi-Cal in Los Angeles. She is moving to Sonoma County next week.

    How can we get her Medi-Cal switched to Sonoma County?

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