Call Blue Cross Direct - They don't pay me to help you with Medi-Cal
Call Blue Cross Direct - They don't pay me to help you with Medi-Cal Call Blue Cross Direct - Medi-Cal's Website - Contact Page, including secure email to ask a question

BIC Benefits Identification Card

Sample BIC Card

Medi – Cal eligibility under Health Care Reform
MAGI Income – Not Assets

Medi Cal eligibility under Health Care Reform expanded is when you have  family household income (MAGI) under 138% of Federal Poverty Level (subsidy income chart for ObamaCare) for the parents and 266% for children and no more asset or means testing, there is no more estate recovery for health insurance.

If your children qualify for Medi Cal, and the parents for Covered CA Private Insurance with subsidies you can now apply for both using the Covered CA online application page 65, with us as your agent at no additional charge, just follow these instructions, starting with find help in the upper right hand corner if you fill out the Covered CA application ONLINE, yourself.

If you are not applying for a subsidized private plan with us as your agent, no charge through Covered CA the easiest and fastest way to apply for or renew Medi-Cal is:

Directly though your local county human service agency CA State wide listing

Los Angeles ONLINE Enrollment

or try Benefits for all Welfare Benefits…

Learn about the Steps to Medi-Cal process


Will I lose Medi-Cal under Donald Care?

Hey, did Covered CA or Medi-Cal finally have training in July 2014 for the agents being “forced” to sell Medi-Cal without being compensated?

It’s MONTHS and I still don’t have an ID Card!

How does Covered California work with Medi-Cal? Covered California will act as a “one-stop shop” for health insurance. Through Covered California, you will be able to apply for Medi-Cal benefits electronically and receive a real-time eligibility results. You will also be able to report changes online and receive real-time customer support 24 hours a day. More FAQ’s DHCS ♦ Insure Me

. Why does my ID Card say Benefits and not Medi-Cal?

Quality Report Medi-Cal – Calif. HealthCare Foundation

Disability Benefits 101 – Medi-Cal The Details

Links & Resources

Covered CA Agent Certification Circa 11.2013 Page 4 et seq

Medi-Cal Info on Covered CA Website on Medi Cal  

Medi Cal facts & figures 2019  

Mental Health  


Payments to HMO’s  

Medi Cal budget  

Overview – Medi Cal Program  

Historical Information

Certified Insurance Agents like us, are available at no extra charge, we are “FORCED” Certification Training Page 7 to help you under Pro Bono or Charity Laws(Leviticus 19:9). However, due to the grief of Covered CA not processing ours and 25,000 other faxed in applications and having 100,000 online enrollments in limbo, we are not soliciting new clients until Covered CA has a working website and can process our work.

(Complaint Letter about lack of Medi-Cal Information)

Direct Phone # 866.613.3777
Direct Phone # 866.613.3777

Covered CA Certified Agent - No extra charge for our help

Covered CA Certified Agent

No extra charge if you qualify for Covered CA Subsidies.
We don't get compensated to help you with Medi Cal.  Here's Medi-Cal's contact information.

Get a Covered CA Quote, including subsidy calculation

Video on why you should have an agent

Click here to Enroll ONLINE with Medi Cal Los Angeles County
View status, etc.

DPSS Website DPSSBenefits.LACounty.Gov

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  2. It’s been a whirlwind deciding what to do, health-insurance-wise and, after a consultation with our tax guy, we’ve decided to register for Medi-cal. I know you get no money from this, so I’m sorry for wasting your time with Oscar Insurance inquiries.

    Thank you for all of your help.

    We’ll be in touch in the future if, as we hope, we can make enough money to get back on CC.

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