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My Benefits Cal Win

This website is a fast and easy way for California residents to learn about and apply for medical, food, and cash assistance programs. MyBenefits CalWIN also provides ongoing access to secure and private benefit information. Select a topic below to get started or sign in to your account.

See if I Am Eligible

  • Am I Eligible is a quick and easy way to see if you might be eligible for cash aid, medical services, CalFresh (Food Stamps), and other assistance programs. This allows you to answer a few questions without creating an account or completing an application.

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There might be some Social Service agencies that might be able to help, like Toberman?  Harbor Interfaith?

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Health Net Social Services Finder


6 comments on “Resources – Help?

  1. I am extremely over whelmed right now trying to get my dad financial assistance, and, care.

    Nothing is coming to fruition and all of the agencies (non-profit) won’t return my calls or help, it’s very discouraging.

      • We never heard from anyone regarding my father’s pending Medi-Cal eligibility. I have given up. It’s too time consuming and stressful.

        He did qualify for $15 per month for the Cal-Fresh food program.

        Its been an exhausting and stressful few months.

        My health is being affected as well.

        We never learned if getting an ancillary insurance policy for my father is cost effective, and would lower his living expenses and health expenses.

        Thank you so much for your time and assistance.

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