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4 comments on “Alameda County Medi Cal Enrollment

  1. Hello, my name is Harry M and my wife is Mary.

    we need to know HOW? she got on medi-cal as our Kaiser plan now says she has it. and we know she never applied. and if she does have it, why do we NOT have her card?

    she will not be able to get all of her med’s until this is cleared up.

    she will need them soon!
    Our home # is 510 274 xxx; her cell is 510 432 xxxx.

  2. I’m 75 and my wife is 93. We both have health problems and dementia.

    We need Medi-cal to help us pay for Health bills.

    Our income is about $22 k.

    Please email because I don’t hear well.

    I need to have an appointment with a person for help on paper work.. They gave me a worker named S. Ancheta and I can’ t get her on the phone. Have her email me

    I cant deal with all the phone recordings. Our land line is xxxx ask for AL Rodes.

    My wife gets confused.

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