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Mixed households have at least one member eligible for a Covered California Health Plan with Premium Assistance (Advanced Premium Tax Credit or APTC) and at least one member eligible for Medi-Cal (MAGI and/or non-MAGI).

It’s important to note that Covered California Service Center Representatives cannot make changes to cases with individuals that are Medi-Cal eligible, including Mixed Households. Certified Agents and CECs are able to make changes to Covered California accounts. However, to follow up with the county eligibility worker, Agents and CECs must be an Authorized Representative for the consumer with the county. Any changes made online to Covered California accounts should be reported directly to the local county social services office  Job Aid

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How to appoint an agent or other person to help you with Medi-Cal

Here is the information we have available to give an individual who wishes to appoint and authorized representative.


You can appoint an authorized representative (AR) in one of three ways:

Covered California Application:  Step Three of the Covered California (CC) application (both on-line and paper versions) allows you to appoint someone to have access to your application and talk with Covered California and/or Medi-Cal personnel about your healthcare coverage options.

Medi-Cal Form MC 306:  DHCS also has a form to appoint an authorized representative to represent you on Medi-Cal matters. Here is the link to the MC 306: .   Role of Representative  Welfare & Institutions Code section 14014.5

An AR form of your choosing:  You can also submit any form of your choosing to appoint someone as your authorized representative. CC and DHCS recommend that any form that you choose contain a privacy statement.  To review CC and DHCS privacy practices please follow these links: 

For your protection, DHCS and most providers require that you renew your AR each year.    per email dated 6.16.2017 1:25 PM                                             

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