Authorized Agent Molina Health Care
Authorized Agent Molina Health Care
Molina Health Plans Minimum Coverage to Platinum 90, including Enhanced Silver
J. Mario Molina MD
J. Mario Molina MD – Just got fired!

Molina (Website)  has been a Medi-Cal provider (website)  and is now a  participant in Covered CA where you can get tax subsidies and your own Agent at no additional charge.

Click here for pricing, enhanced silver and tax credits

Provider Finder

Molina Comparison of Metal Level Plans

Molina Customer Support  888.295.7651

member service number for California is 1-888-858-2150,

The member can also go to to set up an  account if they want too.

How to make a Covered CA Agent Designation

J. Mario Molina, the chairman and CEO of  Molina – FIRED – Modern Health Care 5.2.2017 –  the company founded by his father in 1980 Interview on Donald Care by LA Times 1.27.2017

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