One  must choose a

Managed Care – HMO health plan – provider

within 30 days after enrollment in Medi-Cal otherwise the State will pick plan for you. Medi-Cal Website  

Medi-Cal Managed Care – Health Care Options – This Government Site allows you to review and choose the HMO that you want to deliver your Medi-Cal health Care.

Choose what options you want for Medi-Cal
Choose what options you want for Medi-Cal

Litigation on Medi-Cal violating Judges order and putting people into HMO’s, rather than fee for service. CA Health Line 8.10.2017

Medi-Cal Listing of HMO plans by county   *  Medi Cal HMO – Managed Care Providers by County – Los Angeles

Provider Search – Statewide  Fee for Service

    Enroll in Medi-Cal ONLINE – Los Angeles

Medi-Cal Managed Care Provider Search

54% of MD’s accept Medi-Cal  4.3.2015

Los Angeles County Plans  – Speciality Plans (PACE? If you meet nursing home criteria)

 LA Care Plan Partners – Blue Cross, Kaiser

Medi-Cal Handbook

Health Net Community Solutions, Inc.  (800) 675-6110 TTY/TDD (800) 431-0964


Cal Medi Connect

View our Introduction to Medi Cal Page &
Medi-Cal Providers you can choose from

Medi-Cal Managed Care – Health Care Options

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EOC’s, Forms & Income Charts from Insure Me

FAQ’s from DHCS site

  • What is a Medi-Cal Health Plan?
  • Who must join a Medi-Cal Health Plan?
  • Who may join a Medi-Cal Health Plan?
  • Can I change my Medi-Cal Health Plan?
  • What if I am not happy with my Medi-Cal Health Plan?
    • Medical Exemption from HMO Plan Enrollment
  • What Medi-Cal Health Plans are available?
  • List of Useful Words


How to Enroll in a Managed Care Plan

Information sessions about making a Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan choice are held in various locations near your home. You can come to any one of the sessions if you want to hear about your choices and ask questions in person. To find out when and where meetings are held, please select the county to view a list of presentation site addresses.

Number of Medi-Cal Providers down by 25%

Paul Ryan – more and more MD’s just won’t take Medi-Cal – Medicaid Fact Checker Washington Post 2.1.2017

Video on problems finding doctors

Many large physician groups no longer contract with health plans serving adult Medi-Cal patients, saying that government reimbursements are too low to cover the cost of treating patients.

For the typical office visit, Medi-Cal pays doctors only about a third of what their peers at federally qualified health centers receive, $150 on average. If the health centers’ fees exceed what insurers will pay, their administrators can bill the state for the residual amount. So, the state is forced by federal law to pay more for office visits at federally qualified health centers than it would have paid physicians in private hospital groups. Sacramento Bee 10.2.2017


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  1. I live in Sacramento County and Medi Cal wants me to choose a Medi Cal managed care plan.

    But we both know by law I can keep straight Medi Cal.

    How do I fix this?

  2. HELP!!!

    I have blood in my stool. Medi-Cal won’t let me have a colonoscopy for 3 months.

    What can I do to get an appointment sooner?

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