Disabled – Unknown Income – Options

I’m blind, just sold my business, had Kaiser through Covered CA and was getting subsidies. 
I may get a job, what are my options and things I might consider?


Medi Cal Blind & Disabled 

SSI  *  SSDI  

Income Chart – Medi Cal vs Covered CA Subsidies  *  Instant Quotes & Subsidy Calculation  *  MAGI Income Definition?  

If you qualify for Medi Cal now, but your income increases, that will give you a special enrollment period to Covered CA. 

Kaiser Medi Cal  –  If you had Kaiser before, you can get Kaiser if you go onto Medi Cal.  Learn More ===> Kaiser FAQ’s  *  Our Medi-Cal Kaiser Webpage

Retired Pension Income?

Social Security?  

30 day change income estimate  *  See also instructions on how to change income estimate to see if you’re Medi Cal or not and what your subsidies would be.




One comment on “Disabled – Unknown Income – Options

  1. Thank you so much Steve, you were enormously helpful today.

    I have put in an application for Medi-Cal and I will contact you as soon as I am earning an income again and will once again be paying premiums as a self-employed person.

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