What other services are available if you don’t have money and need help?


Access Paratransit

Los Angeles – Section 8  Housing Subsidy – participants pay about 30% of their income towards their rent and HUD pays the rest of the rent to the owner.  However, The Section 8 application process is closed until further notice.

CA Dept of Social Services CDSS

  • Employment
  • Cash Aid
  • Cal Works
  • Residential Care
  • Day Care


The Mary Potter Program for Human Dignity

Cell & Land Line Phone Discounts –
CA Public Utilities Commission

Cricket Communications, Inc. 800-975-3708 mycricket.com
Nexus Communications, Inc. (ReachOut Wireless) 877-777-1914  reachoutmobile.com
Virgin Mobile USA, L.P. (Assurance Wireless) 888-898-4888  assurancewireless.com
Telscape Communications, Inc. 800-835-7227  telscape.com
Landline california life line.com    





Sat 12/12/2015 3:59 PM


Though we were ‘lucky’, in that Social Services here in Lake County has helped us with food, medical, dental, vision and more, probably most of the reason we got this help is that, due to the Valley Fire, 2015, my husband’s and my jobs at xxx  burned to the ground.

We had planned to ‘retire’ there, working for the next decade or more, but found ourselves jobless, income-less, with a lease and no ‘retirement plan’.  Our outgo exceeded our SSI income so we went through every government agency, disaster relief, Red Cross assistance plan, food and clothing donation center, and finally after a couple of months, when things had died down, found Social Services, who immediately got things sorted out, Medi-gap included.  All I can say to those seniors whose income falls short, is

1) move to Nevada, where all Medi-gap insurance is FREE,

2) check with local county Social Services and

3) plan to work ’til you die.

Brigit S M

Report Changes Promptly

IRS Publication # 5152 

CMS How Covered CA works

Report Changes as they happen # 5152

Report Changes as they happen

Changes should be reported within 30 days.

Here's instructions

If you've appointed us - instructions - as your broker, no extra charge, we can do it for you. 


Denial of benefits and possible criminal charges if you don't report changes in income!  

Los Angeles County Medi-Cal
ONLINE Enrollment

or just call toll free # 866-613-3777
Email:   [email protected]

Covered CA Instructions if you do it through their portal​

DPSS Website DPSSBenefits.LACounty.Gov

Click this link  for ALL other Counties 

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