Questions for 8.15.2018 Medi Cal Seminar

  1. What percent of our time and energy are we expected to do for charity?  That is, if we write 10 Covered CA applications per month, how many Medi-Cals are we expected to do for free?
    1. While at Starbucks, I told that just happened to start up a conversation with me that since they had Medi Cal, they now have Adult dental.  How do I handle their request for bus money to get home?
    2. Might that be considered an unlawful rebate?   Especially crazy, is that I don’t get any renumeration for giving them information nor for the 2k/month vistors to my website.
  2. Does Medi-Cal really want agents doing for free, what they are paying staff for?
    1. Why aren’t agents getting co-operation from Medi-Cal then?
  3. In our contract, what does facilitate enrollment mean?
    1. Where is the consideration, one of the elements of a binding contract?
    2. Can’t you at least pay for lunch or breakfast so that we can network too?
  4. Will actual paid employees from Medi Cal be at the meeting?
    1. Medi-Cal tells me that they can’t deal with agents due to PHI and HIPAA, so how are we to accomplish anything?
    2. Why not just have clients go to Medi Cal in the first place?
      1. Their employees get paid!
      2. We don’t
  5. So, besides doing initial enrollment, we are supposed to help with the annual redetermination?
    1. If so, how about putting up fillable forms that are current?
    2. How much work do we have to do gratis?   I thought at most it would be just the initial enrollment?
  6. What does Covered CA have in the way of Job Aids for Medi-Cal?
    1. How are agents supposed to have any idea of Non MAGI Medi-Cal?
    2. How come Covered CA never mentioned to anyone to my knowledge that Western Poverty Law Center wrote an authoritative booklet on Coverage for Low Income Californian’s?
  7. How does Medi Medi work?
    1. Do people have two ID cards or what?
    2. How do they know what doctor to go to for what?
  8. How involved do we have to be in helping them pick a plan?
  9. How involved to tell them how great Medi Cal is and it’s OK to be there rather than put the premiums on their credit card or take money from savings.
  10. Cal Medi Connect?
  11. When does Medi Cal start?
    1. Proof?
      1. Why do we have to argue with people when they get a different answer somewhere else?   What is in it for us?
  12. Monthly income vs expected MAGI line 37?
    1. If a guy makes $100k but has zero income one month, what happens?
  13. What do we do when “client” complains he has blood in his stool, but it takes THREE months to get a colonoscopy?
  14. Why do we have to do the research and SELL Medi-Cal when people have questions?


Covered California on Wednesday, August 15th , 2018 for a presentation on the Medi-cal Application Process, Eligibility & Enrollment in Los Angeles County.

Topics will include: The Application Process, Information on Redetermination, Medi-Cal Eligibility Rules and more!

LA Care Health Plan will also present.


Where: Toyota Meeting Hall

3330 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA 90503


When:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018

9:00AM – 12:00PM

Registration begins at 8:30AM


Parking: Free parking is available in the lot across the street from main entrance.


TO REGISTER, Please click HERE to.


This workshop is first come, first serve. Please register promptly.

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