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Normally, Insurance Agents work Pro Bono to enroll people in Medi-Cal.  AB 82 SEC. 70 gave agents a one time payment of $58, till the funding ran out.

View our comments to 10.8.2015 Covered CA Board Meeting on how much work must agents do without being compensated.

Agent Contracts must have 45 day notification of changes  AB 1163  CA HealthLine 10.7.2015

Covered CA considering allowing agents to refer Medi-Cal to county workers as reported in   State of Reform 8.21.2015

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Friendly Competitor’s Blog on 6.30.2015 Covered CA Bulletin about the consumer signing a form to appoint an authorized representative to Medi-Cal.

Unlikely that agents will see the $58 promised to them for assisting with Medi-Cal enrollment

I’ve received some checks…

4.13.2015 Covered CA Bulletin

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AB 82 SEC. 70.

(a) The State Department of Health Care Services shall accept contributions by private foundations in the amount of at least fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000) for the purpose of this section and shall immediately seek an equal amount of federal matching funds.

(b) Entities and persons that are eligible for Medi-Cal in-person enrollment assistance payments of fifty-eight dollars ($58) per approved Medi-Cal application and payment processing costs shall be those trained and eligible for in-person enrollment assistance payments by the California Health Benefit Exchange. The payments may be made by the State Department of Health Care Services or through the California Health Benefit Exchange in-person assistance payment system.

(c) Enrollment assistance payments shall be made only for Medi-Cal applicants newly eligible for coverage pursuant to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148), as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152), or those who have not been enrolled in the Medi-Cal program during the previous 12 months prior to making the application.

(d) The commencement of enrollment assistance payments shall be consistent with those of the California Health Benefit Exchange.

(e) The State Department of Health Care Services or the California Health Benefit Exchange shall provide monthly and cumulative payment updates and number of persons enrolled through in-person assistance payments on its Internet Web site.


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Hey, did Covered CA or Medi-Cal finally have training in July 2014 for the agents being “forced” to sell Medi-Cal without being compensated?

New optional agent training for Medi-Cal per 2.2015 email blast

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