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FAQ’s on CA Department of Health Care Services

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Medi-Cal Eligibility & Covered CA

FAQ’s for Call Center Representative

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Pregnancy – Covered CA Website Explanation    MCAP – Medi-Cal Access Program    Prior AIM Program

Does dependent child’s income count as MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income – Line 37 for Medi-Cal Qualification?

Estate Recovery – How and when Medi-Cal can get their money back from your kids inheritance…

Food Stamps – Cal Fresh



NEW  CA Earned Income Tax Credit

What if I have a major tax loss and show negative MAGI or AGI?

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    • I don’t see any reason why not. I would think the sooner the better. See our search feature above and look for “accepted income documents” for Covered CA and Medi-Cal.

      Due basically means on or before. 5 having reached the date at which payment is required : payable Merriam-Webster.com

      By sending in the documents early, if their is a problem, you have more time for Medi-Cal to review it. You might also send them the additional pay stubs and any other documents you get after you send what you have today. I have not seen the letter you are referring so, so this is all guess work. See our contact page for Medi-Cal if you want a more detailed or authoritative answer.

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