Medi Cal Block Granting

Medicaid, the federal-state insurance plan Medi-Cal in California, that covers low-income people — turning control of the program to states and capping what the federal government spends on it each year.

It’s called “block granting.” Right now, Medicaid, which was expanded under the 2010 health law – Obamacare to insure more people, covers almost 75 million adults and children. Because it is an entitlement, everyone who qualifies is guaranteed coverage and states and the federal government combine funds to cover the costs. Conservatives have long argued the program would be more efficient if states got a lump sum from the federal government and then managed the program as they saw fit. But others say that would mean less funding for the program —eventually translating into greater challenges in getting care for low-income people.

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LA Times 1.30.2020 

Trump, Congress, and the Plan for Block Grants and Medicaid



American Health Care Act 3.6.2017 Revision
American Health Care Act 3.6.2017 Revision

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