Medi-Cal Backlog.

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Let alone that we have a backlog of Medi-Cal applications, Covered CA seems to be putting tons of people onto Medi-Cal even if their income is too high.  The CA Department of Insurance has declared the practice of putting people on Medi-Cal and cancelling their subsidized coverage,  for 95,000 people, WITHOUT NOTICE, to be a violation of State Law.  I concur 100%!!!  Even if I’m not an attorney.  Covered CA states they have reached an agreement with Medi-Cal to cover all those people 1.1.2015.  I would like to see that in writing.    LA Times 12.25.2014


11.7.2014 CA Healthline Backlog down to 170k waiting to enroll


CA Health Line  10.14.2014  159k backlog ♦  Wall St. Journal – Backlog could get worse during next Open Enrollment

Lawsuit on Medi-Cal backlog

CMS tells CA they must respond by Monday on how backlog will be fixed.

Legal Aid demands answers about how the backlog will be fixed

Still no word from State on how the backlog will be fixed

5,000 left without coverage due to SNAFU’s in transferring from LA County Health Plan to Medi-Cal

Computer Glitches have 800k Medi-Cal applications backlogged

Still a problem,0,3043390.story#axzz2yJLLoDzc


About 24,000 California residents who were covered by the Low Income Health Program before the program ended on Jan. 1 might fall into a coverage gap because they do not qualify for Medi-Cal and many are unaware of how to enroll in coverage through Covered California, the state insurance exchange, HealthyCal reports. Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program (Guzik, HealthyCal, 2/27).


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