ObamaCare - Expansion to 138% of FPL
ObamaCare - Expansion to 138% of FPL

Utilizing Medi-Cal Expansion to Increase Health-Care Access

Assembly Bill 1 Medi Cal – Medicaid Expansion

Medi Cal now complies with Health Care Reform by using a Modified Gross Income (MAGI)https://taxcredits.healthreformquotes.com/magi-modified-adjusted-gross-income-line-37/ Level of 133% ( 138? APHA ) to qualify for Medi Cal, without regard to an asset or resources test. Learn More ==>  Assembly Bill 1   **  Senate.bill.1.

DHCS info on expansion

Code of Federal Regulations changes under Trump?

3.14.2017 letter to the States

Donald Care? Visit our New Website on the Progress of Donald Care & Repeal of ACA?

Republicans plan to turn control of Medicaid – Medi-Cal over to the states as part of their replacement for the Affordable Care Act, according to an adviser to President Donald Trump. Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to Trump, told NBC News’s Sunday Today with Willie Geist, that the health care law that will replace Obamacare will turn Medicaid — a joint state-federal health insurance program for the poor — into a block grant program. The change would mean the federal government would give money to the states to implement Medicaid as they see fit. Medicaid is now funded by the federal government and states together and it has an open-ended funding stream, meaning it pays for all health costs to which its beneficiaries are entitled under the law. Learn More==> NPR 1.22.2017


36K to 43K people might die annually if Medi-Cal & Medicaid are lost under Donald Care without a replacement  Learn More ===> Washington Post  1.23.2017

Latest News

Uh Oh, Medi-Cal short $1 Billion as only those Health Carriers that write Medi-Cal coverage have to pay the tax, so the state doesn’t get matching funds from the Feds.  Learn More ⇒ CA Health Line 8.31.2015

Medi-Cal has $1B budget deficient for 2016, needs to be addressed in legislature CA Health Line 1.4.2016 Los Angeles Times 12.31.2015 on Medi-Cal Expansion – 1 in 3 California’s Covered – # of MD’s?  Sustainability?

One half of all children in CA are on Medi-Cal  CA Health Line 1.20.2015

State Senator Ricardo Lara is now proposing legislation to include those who are not lawfully present to be eligible for Medi-Cal, Covered CA – Subsidies and Private Insurance. Senate.CA.Gov – Attn: Site Visitors, if you find a bill # for this, please leave a reply below.

However, there may still be Estate Recovery. So far, the simplest, easiest way to see if you qualify for Medi Cal or Advance Premium Tax Credits is to use the Covered CA calculator, Income Chart or KFF calculator.  Be sure to put in our agent code – click on “Find Health Near you” when using Covered CA website. Our services are pending approval to be paid by Covered CA at no charge to you.

CA Healthline 12.1.2014 2,200 agents owed $2M for Medi-Cal enrollment, MAYBE we will get paid in January?

§1902 e 14 (I) Treatment of portion of modified adjusted gross income.—For purposes of determining the income eligibility of an individual for medical assistance whose eligibility is determined based on the application of modified adjusted gross income under subparagraph (A), the State shall—

(i) determine the dollar equivalent of the difference between the upper income limit on eligibility for such an individual (expressed as a percentage of the poverty line) and such upper income limit increased by 5 percentage points; and

(ii) notwithstanding the requirement in subparagraph (A) with respect to use of modified adjusted gross income, utilize as the applicable income of such individual, in determining such income eligibility, an amount equal to the modified adjusted gross income applicable to such individual reduced by such dollar equivalent amount.

1 to 2 million enrollees in Medi-Cal Medicaid due to ACA expansion, so far. california health line.org/

Medi-Cal now covers 30% of CA Population california health line.org

State Senator Ricardo Lara is presenting a bill to expand coverage to those not lawfully present, the LA Times reports on 2.15.2015  la times.com/

Excise Tax could add $39 Billion over 10 years

  With the Senate slated to release a revised ACA repeal bill 7.13.2017, CHCF has three new resources that shed light on what’s at stake for the Medi-Cal program and its beneficiaries:

  • Medi-Cal Matters compiles key facts and figures illustrating the benefits of Medi-Cal coverage to the program’s nearly 14 million beneficiaries. Look in the region-specific sections for data on access to care for Medi-Cal enrollees in that area of the state. Download the full chart deck and individual graphics for sharing on social media.
  • Medi-Cal provides a vital safety net to nearly one-quarter of California seniors and half of Californians with disabilities. In total, there are approximately two million seniors and people with disabilities enrolled in Medi-Cal. How many live in your county? How could the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) affect your neighbors? Learn more.

The Senate’s BCRA would impose a per-capita cap on federal Medicaid spending. How does the cap work? What would be the impact on Medi-Cal? And what factors might affect these caps over time? Read a new California-specific analysis by Manatt Health.

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