Medi-Cal Premiums - FAQ
Medi-Cal Premiums – FAQ

Are there premiums for Medi-Cal or is it free?

Yes, there is a charge of $13/child and not more than $39/month for a family. If your family income is more that 160% of Federal Poverty Level.   DHCS.CA.Gov

Technical Info.

The State Plan Amendment to move TLICP (then known as Healthy Families) into Medi-Cal permits the state to impose premiums on children age 1 to 19 with incomes above 150% FPL and up to and include 250%FPL; infants under age 1 are not subject to a premium. California later raised the income limit to collect premiums from families with income above 160% FPL and up to and including 266% FPL. Welf. & Inst. Code § 14005.26(d)(1)(B). Western Poverty



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