Hints are fighting with Medi-Cal to get released and go back to Covered CA

With all the alligators in the swamp and at best getting paid $58 to sign someone up for Medi-Cal I never noticed the hearing rights available.

So, get your proofs of income (Covered CA Accepted Documents)  together and ask for a hearing (form).  Better yet, just send the proofs and hopefully Medi-Cal will fix the problem on their own.

Covered CA Talking Points on hearing rights – if more than 45 days – Medi-Cal Determination

Relevant Codes & Regulations

42 CFR 435.603  How to apply MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income to Medi-Cal Application

42 CFR 435.118   Qualifications for Infants and children under age 19

42 CFR 435.110 If you get AFDC they you get Medi-Cal

W & I Code 10850  Records

and 10950   Hearings


We don’t get paid on Medi-Cal…  pay us a consulting fee?



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