MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) Medi-Cal Health Insurance coverage when your income falls below certain levels, generally under 138% of Federal Poverty Level

If your income is less than 138% of Federal Poverty Level you can now qualify for Medi Cal.

View the income chart to see how much 138% is, or better yet,

plug in your income and see if you qualify
for subsidies through Covered CA

Often the parents qualify for Covered CA and the children get Medi-Cal, as children’s Medi Cal generally goes to 266%.

Covered CA – Medi-Cal Income Chart
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Covered CA Income Chart

17 comments on “MAGI Income – Medi-Cal Qualification?

  1. I have a part time job and earn less than $2k/month, do I still qualify for Medi-Cal? I have over $3k in assets, is that relevant to getting Medi-Cal?

  2. If you earn more than Medi Cal Limits 138% of income, do you have to repay the premiums that Medi Cal paid to the HMO, if you didn’t tell Medi Cal that you were earning more?

  3. I’m on Medi-Cal as I have no income. I just turned 65.

    Did I have to apply for Medicare A Hospital?

    Part B Doctor Visits?

    I can’t afford the $135/month premium.

  4. I got a new job in April.

    My company will be offering me health benefits starting in June.

    But job is not certain, they might let me go anytime.

    1. What do you recommend regarding Medi-Cal?

    2. can i continue with Medi cal?

    3. if i cancel medi cal do you think if i loose my job i will be again eligible for the medi cal?

  5. If the Company you worked at got bought out by another company, and your status changes from contractor to full time employee, are you still eligible for Medical [Medi-Cal] if you can’t afford the premiums or out of pocket [deductibles, co-pays] insurance plans they offer, based on your annual [MAGI} income?

    My position is outside sales, with a home office, now I am having even more expenses than before, due to the new company’s contract.

    I can not afford what they offer in regards to healthcare coverage.

  6. I am 70 years of age and have been on medi cal due to low income. I recently applied for my ex husbands social security and my income increased to $1379.10. Can I still qualify for medi cal?

    ***We are setting up a new page to discuss Medi-Cal Qualification for Seniors. Please click and visit us there.

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