What if I start earning too much money

MAGI Income – Modified Adjusted Gross Income Line 37 – 8 b + Social Security* for Medi-Cal.  

How do I go from Medi-Cal to Covered CA?

How do I get notified?  

See sample letters below.

How long do I have to get new coverage?

60 Days – Special Enrollment Period – Loss of Coverage

When Medi-Cal kicks you out for making too much $$$, they don’t enroll you in Covered CA! Insure Me Kevin.com *   Get a quote and subsidy calculation here and we can help you.  No extra charge!

Do I get subsidies?

Most Likely!!!  Click here for a

complementary quote and subsidy calculation

So, just like President Obama said, your net premium might only be $50/month.  Plus, enhanced Silver 94, very low co-pays & deductibles.

Will Steve Shorr Insurance help me at no additional charge?

Yes, but you must get a quote first and either have a release from Medi-Cal, like shown below  or contact your Social Worker and get one.  If you already have a Covered CA account, you must appoint us as your agent.  After you get your quote, we can discuss your options by appointment.

What if I don’t have a Release – Notice of Action?

Medi-Cal is supposed to send you a notice of action   FAQ’s .  If not, contact your Social Worker and get one   Scroll down for a sample letter.  I do grant they they don’t give you a lot of time to get new coverage.  Note also that loss of coverage qualifies you for a special enrollment period and you don’t have to wait for Open Enrollment, nor are you subject to the rule about having to enroll by the 15th to get coverage by the first.

Use our

complementary subsidy and quote engine

to see how your income, household size, etc qualifies you for subsidies in Covered CA.

There is no charge for us to help you.  If you already have a Covered CA account, here’s how to appoint us as your agent.

We are not just Medi-Cal

We've developed the Medi-Cal portion of our website, as many of our Covered CA clients unfortunately end up here, if their income drops below 133% of FPL, Federal Poverty Level, see the income chart.

We do not get a nickel, for this site or for helping people enroll in Medi-Cal, nor answering complex questions.  When you have other questions or need coverage, take a look at   our other websites:

Sample Notification Letters


Medi-Cal Notice that you are losing coverage

Medi-Cal Notice that you are losing coverage

Larger View – Key Points – notice of action

Larger View - Key Points - notice of action

Notice of Action – No More Medi-Cal
Notice of Action - No More Medi-Cal

More Reference Material on when you no longer qualify for Medi-Cal

insure me kevin.com/county-medi-cal-eligibility-questions-answers
sfdph.org/Notice of Action 


Reporting a Change and Notices of Action

notice of action   FAQ’s

Transitioning Covered California cases to Medi-Cal


Policies and Procedures for Annual Renewal and Change in Circumstance Redeterminations and Discontinuance from Medi-Cal

Too much Income for Medi-Cal?


Guaranteed Issue - No Pre X Clause -
Quote & Subsidy Calculation for
Covered CA
No charge for our services 

Covered CA Certified Agent - No extra charge for our help

Covered CA Certified Agent

No extra charge if you qualify for Covered CA Subsidies.
We don't get compensated to help you with Medi Cal.  Here's Medi-Cal's contact information.

Get a Covered CA Quote, including subsidy calculation

Video on why you should have an agent

Difference between Medi Cal & Covered CA

Get Covered CA Quote

Term Life Quotes

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Tools to help you figure out how much you should get

Life Insurance Buyers Guide

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4 comments on “Notification when you make too much $$$ for Medi-Cal

  1. I’ve been on medi-cal and recently qualified for Social Security Disability [SSDI?] and receive approx.$800 a month.

    They [Social Security] also gave me a check for the time I should have already had it, which was for $25,000.

    My mother passed away and left me her bank account. I think from what I have read that this won’t disqualify me from Social Security Disability because I didn’t earn the money through working. That’s great.

    The problem is Medi-Cal. I don’t know how to approach it because I know I will need it, I’m unable to work, and in the Bay Area $800 is nothing now that I will have to pay $2000 a month in rent, that is what the inheritance was going to help me with.

    What can I do to avoid being penalized by medi-cal? I’m afraid to tell them anything because I’m afraid they will say I owe them $$$$$. I was going to try to cancel or drop meds-cal for the time being because that money won’t carry me for too long.

    I’m really confused. I would appreciate any info./advice/whatever you can offer.

  2. my x wife just got approved for social security under widows benefits and gets $1,400 a month, $16,800/year.

    she also has an adult disabled child who gets $585 SSA [SSI?] , $7,020 from the deceased parent as well, the child also works and get $300 every two weeks $7,800/year she only makes $5 hour she has down syndrome.

    My question is they are cancelling the medi cal because she makes $8 to much it seems like the should both get medi cal to me

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