Can a teacher covered under Cal STRS, get Medicare, if they are under 65?

How about if they didn’t pay into Social Security can they then qualify for Social Security Disabilty and then Medicare or under their husband’s Social Security and then qualify for Medicare after two years?

Looks like there is no way to do it. I’m not an expert here. Double Check with CalSTRS, Medicare or Attorney’s

Links & Resources

Our webpage on Social Secuirty Disabiltiy

Auxilary Benefits as a spouse of an insured worker – Nolo Excerpt

SSA.Gov Spousal Eligibilty for Retirement Attorney’s Social Security Medical expense deduction is on our webpage here Prescription Rx Low Income Subsidy – LIS

Alternatives & Work Arounds

What is your MAGI Income? You might qualify for Medi-Cal

or subsidies with Covered CA. Instructions to appoint us as your agent. Depending on your MAGI Income. Use this calculator to see, it includes the rates, benefits, subsidies. There is no additional charge to use an agent with Covered CA or direct with an Insurance Company.



Excerpts of Questions we’ve been asked

I was a house wife/mother and then a career teacher ( 20 years under CalStrs). I became disabled in 2013. My husband divorced me in that same year. We were married 15 years. I receive a disability-pension through CalStrs but healthcare costs are leaving me all but penniless – I pay for it privately but it takes all but pennies of my pension :(. I live with and am financially dependent on family members


Can I get healthcare through Medicare?

***Good question. Maybe through your x-husbands eligiblity as you were married over 10 years. How old are you? Your X husband?

We pay into Medicare as teachers. I paid into social security but don’t have credits to qualify for disability. But I have paid into Medicare for 17 years. My husband is still working so I don’t know about qualifying under him.

That’s a good question, probably not. Did you ever pay into Social Security? Were you ever married? Longer than 10 years? See our main page on STRS Disablity.   I’m being put on permanent disability by my doctor. I’m a teacher & member of STRS in California. Do I qualify for Medicare? No, I do not qualify for Medical [Medi-Cal] as my income is too high- about $35,000 a year. I do get medical ins through the marketplace now but after deducting all my medical costs I ” made” $15000 last year.

***Yeah, it’s a shame that medical expenses are on line 40 of your 1040 and MAGI income for Covered CA subsidies is based on line 37 Adjusted Gross Income. More information on the medical expense deduction is on our webpage here.

And with the increase in deductibles and monthly fees for Obamacare next year I will have $5000 for the year to pay for food and shelter and anything else. Medicare was a last ditch hope. I am 56. My ex-husband is 66 and retired.

***From what I see, you have to be 65…???

Is it “worth” going through the process of trying to get Medicare?

***Did you ask any of the attorney’s I referred you too?

I am very sick and my mobility and emotional/mental funstioning is all very impaired. Needless to say if I can’t qualify quickly there is no point.

***These pages on my website are a public service. I’m not really qualified to determine this for you. Try contacting one of the attorney I referred you to above.

I am going to request you as my agent with Covered Ca if you have the time and think you can help me.

***Yes. Here’s instructions.

I currently have Blue Cross PPO Gold but, as I assume you know, their PPO feature is being phased out, and premiums and deductibles are increasing.

***Right. Here’s what we have on their 2017 plans.

I see several Dr’s monthly and have seen them for years. I also am on a lot of prescription medications.

***These links are mainly for those on Medicare, but might be able to help you.

It has taken me years to put together a team who understands my condition and are willing to continue to try- it’s complex, unusual and I am very disabled. Without a PPO I am lost.

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