Is Medi-Cal  automatic  for SSI – Supplemental Security Benefit beneficiaries – recipients?[1]

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***Yes,  according to

Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) and Medicaid – Medi-Cal are needs-based programs.

Many individuals receive SSI due to poverty and others receive SSI due to disability.

In most states, including California, disabled people who qualify for SSI automatically become eligible for Medi-Cal, Medicaid, which is the joint federal and state program providing medical coverage for the needy.

Medicaid benefits can cover items like prescription medication, transportation, and home-based care. 

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What are the income & resource qualifications to be on SSI?

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What if you are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes?

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Call Social Security 1-800-772-1213

How Work Affects SSI and SSDI:

We didn’t get a redetermination packet this year. Are we OK, what’s going on?

Medi-Cal may have done your renewal through  electronic verification through the Federal Hub   Try checking our pages for various counties, our contact page for Medi-Cal and the link for all counties.  Many counties have an online system that you can enroll in, to get up to the minute status and give them your updates online.

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6 comments on “SSI – Medi-Cal automatic qualification

  1. I went from SSI TO SSDI as a disabled adult child or whatever its called

    i was disabled before 22 years old. i got ssi at 20

    my dad retired fully last December – next thing you know they moved me from SSI TO SSDI

        • Yes, it’s interesting information that I didn’t know before.

          When a person receives SSI and one of their parents retires, becomes disabled, or dies, the person switches from receiving SSI to receiving SSDI. Sometimes a person can receive both SSDI and SSI.

          Getting SSDI usually means you’ll get more money. When that happens, people are sometimes told that they will lose their Medi-Cal coverage, or that they will have to pay a higher share of cost because their income is too high. Some people are even told by staff at the Social Security Administration or Medi-Cal that they will lose their Medi-Cal.

          This is not correct. There are several laws that protect your Medi-Cal benefits.

          Laws that Protect Your Medi-Cal Coverage

           The Pickle Amendment. This amendment states that if an individual’s monthly income is over the SSI limit simply because they went from receiving the SSI stipend to the higher SSDI stipend, they maintain their eligibility for Medicaid.

           The Employment for Disabled Americans Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-643) requires states to continue Medicaid coverage when an individual who became disabled before age 22 and received SSI becomes eligible for SSDI or has an increase in SSDI benefits. Such disabled adult children continue to be considered SSI recipients for Medicaid purposes.

          Yes, the Pickle Amendment is still valid.

          Learn More CA Disability 101

          Here’s a chart from the website

          Poverty Pickle Qualifications

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